Internal Combustion Engine MCQ Questions Answers Mechanical Engg

11) Time loss factor in actual cycle is due to

a) progressive combustion

b) heat loss through cylinder walls

c) gas leakage

d) friction

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Option – b)

12)In case of gas turbines, the gaseous fuel consumption guarantees are based on

(a) high heat value

(b) low heat value

(c) net calorific value

(d) middle heat value

(e) calorific value.

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Option – b)

13) Which of the following methanol composition has no methanol ?

a) M 0

b) M 15

c) M 85

c) M 100

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Option – a)

14) When crude oil is heated, then which one of the following hydrocarbon is given off first ?

a) Gasoline

b) Paraffin

c) Diesel

d) Natural gas

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Option – d)

15) The major constituent of natural gas

a) butane

b) ethane

c) methane

d) propane

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Option – c)

16) Stoichiometric air-fuel ratio of petrol is roughly

a) 50 : 1

b) 25 : 1

c) 15 : 1

d) 11 : 1

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Option – c)

17) For SI engines fuels most preferred are

a) Aromatics

b) Paraffins

c) Olefins

d) Nepthenes

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Option – a)

18) Octane number of Iso-octane is

a) 0

b) 30

c) 60

d) 100

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Option – d)

19) The most preferred type of carburetor is

a) concentric

b) eccentric

c) horizontal

d) vertical

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Option – a)

20) The air-fuel ratio of the petrol engine is controlled by

a) fuel pump

b) carburetter

c) governor

d) scavenging

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Option – b)
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