Internal Combustion Engine MCQ Questions Answers Mechanical Engg

21) In a cycle, the spark roughly lasts for

a) 0.001 sec

b) 0.01 sec

c) 0.1 sec

d) 1 sec

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Option – a)

22) The magneto in an automobile is basically a/an

a) ac generator

b) dc generator

c) magnetic coil

d) transformer

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Option – b)

23) Fuel filters do not use generally

a) oil

b) paper

c) cloth

d) felt

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Option – b)

24) The choke is applied when the engine is

a) accelerating

b) hot

c) cold

d) idling

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Option – c)

25) The delay period in a petrol engine is of the order of

a) 0.001 sec

b) 0.002 sec

c) 0.01 sec

d) 0.05 sec

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Option – b)

26) The peak cylinder gas temperature is of the order of

a) 3000K

b) 1500K

c) 2000K

d) 500K

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Option – a)

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