Power Plant Engineering MCQ Questions Answers Mechanical

Power Plant Engineering Mechanical Engg MCQ Questions Answers

1) A draught of 1 mm of water is equivalent to

a) 1 N/cm2

b) 10 N/m2

c) 100 N/m2

d) 1 N/mm2

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Option – b)

2) Rankine cycle comprises of

a) two isentropic processes and two constant volume processes

b) two isentropic processes and two constant pressure processes

c) two isothermal processes and two constant pressure processes

d) none of the mentioned

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Option – b)

3) The incomplete combustion is indicated by the presence of

a) O2

b) water vapours

c) CO

d) CO2

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Option – c)

4) A simple Rankine cycle operates the Boiler at 3 MPa with an outlet temperature of 350°C and the Condenser at 50 kPa. Assuming ideal operation and processes, what is the thermal efficiency of this cycle?
a) 7.7
b) 17.7
c) 27.7
d) 37.7

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Option – c)

5) The fuel mostly used in boilers is

a) anthracite

b) peat

c) lignite

d) bituminous

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Option – d)

6)In Rankine cycle, the work output from the turbine is given by
a) change of internal energy between inlet and outlet
b) change of enthalpy between inlet and outlet
c) change of entropy between inlet and outlet
d) change of temperature between inlet and outlet

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Option – b)

7) The percentage  of carbon in bituminous coal is of the order of

a) 20-40%

b) 30-50%

c) 50 – 65%

d) 65-80%

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Option – d)

8)In a power station ‘Load Center’ means……..

a).Center of maximum load of equipments

b).Center of coal fields

c).Center of gravity of electrical system

d).Corner of power plant

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Option – c)

9) Efficiency of chimney draught is of the order of

a) 8 – 10%

b) 5 – 6%

c) 2 – 3%

d) <1%

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Option – d)

10)Solar thermal power generation can be achieved by

(a) using focusing collector or heliostates

(b) using flat plate collectors

(c) using a solar pond

(d) any of the above system

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Option – d)
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