Production Engineering MCQ Questions Answers Mechanical Engineering

1) Most commonly used materials cast by using hot-chamber die casting include

a) Zinc

b) Tin

c) Lead

d) All of these

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Option – d)

2)In a shaper, the length of stroke is increased by

a) Increasing the centre distance of bull gear and crank pin

b) Decreasing the centre distance of bull gear and crank pin

c) Increasing the length of the arm

d) Decreasing the length of the slot in the slotted lever

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Option – a)

3) Which of the following gating ratio represents pressurized gating systems?

a) 1 : 1: 2

b) 1 : 2 : 1

c) 1 : 2 : 3

d) 1 : 3 : 3

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Option – b)

4)Ceramic cutting tools are

a) Made by cold pressing of aluminium oxide powder

b) Available in the form of tips

c) Brittle and have low bending strength

d) All of these

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Option – d)

5) The casting defect caused by the erosion of sand

a) Drop

b) Wash

c) Rat tail

d) Misrun

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Option – a)

6)Which of the following operation is first performed?

a) Spot facing

b) Boring

c) Tapping

d) Drilling

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Option – b)

7) Sprue in casting refers to

a) Gate

b) Runner

c) Riser

d) Vertical passage

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Option – d)

8)The allowed time for a job equals standard time plus

(a) policy allowance

(b) interference allowance

(c) process allowance

(d) learning allowance

(e) unforeseen allowance.

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Option – a)

9) Warm metal working is applied extensively for

a) Rolling

b) Extrusion

c) Forging

d) Drawing

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Option – c)

10)Micromotion study is

(a) analysis of a man work method by using a motion picture camera with a timing device in the field of view

(b) motion study observed on enhanced time intervals

(c) motion study of a sequence of operations conducted systematically

(d) study of man and machine conducted simultaneously

(e) scientific, analytically procedure for determining optimum work method.

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Option – a)
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