Strength of Materials MCQ Questions Answers Mechanical Engineering

11) The ratio of torque carrying capacity of solid shaft to that of a hollow shaft is given by

a) 1 – K4

b) (1 – K4)-1

c) K4

d) 1

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Option – b)

12) The point of contra-flexure occurs only in

a) cantilever beam

b) overhanging beam

c) continuous beam

d) simply supported beam

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Option – b)

13) The steel bards in reinforced cement concrete beam are located at

a) top

b) bottom

c) center

d) neutral axis

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Option – b)

14) The product EI known as

a) selection modulus

b) modulus of rupture

c) flexural rigidity

d) polar modulus

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Option – c)

15) Strain rosettes are used to

a) measure shear strain

b) measure linear strain

c) measure volumetric

d) relieve strain

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Option – b)

16) The maximum principal stress theory is also known as

a) Beltrami’s theory

b) St. Venant’s theory

c) Rankine’s theory

d) Von Mises theory

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Option – c)

17) The ratio of hoop stress to longitudinal stress in thin walled cylinders is

a) 1

b) ½

c) 2

d) ¼

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Option – c)

18) In think spherical pressure vessels, the variation of the stresses is

a) Linear

b) Uniform

c) Parabolic

d) Cubic

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Option – d)

19) What causes a short steel strut to fail ?

a) Fracture

b) Shearing

c) Buckling

d) Yielding

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Option – a)

20) Music wire is concerned with

a) musical instruments

b) tuning forks

c) springs

d) measuring instruments

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Option – c)

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