Thermodynamics MCQ Questions Answers Mechanical Engineering

Thermodynamics MCQ Questions Answers – Mechanical Engineering

1) In highly rarefied gases, the concept of this loses validity

a) Thermodynamic equilibrium

b) Continuum

c) Stability

d) macroscopic viewpoint

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Option – b)

2) The pressure exerted by an ideal gas is __________ of the kinetic energy of all the molecules contained in a unit volume of gas.

a) one-half

b) one-third

c) two-third

d) three-fourth

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Option – c)

3)The fundamental unit of enthalpy is

a) MLT-2

b) ML2T-1

c) ML2T-2

d) ML3T-2

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Option – c)

4)Which of the following has the minimum atomic mass?

a) Oxygen

b) Sulphur

c) Nitrogen

d) Carbon

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Option – d)

5)Which one of the following is extensive property of a thermodynamics system

a) Volume

b) Pressure

c) Temperature

d) Density

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Option – a)

6)Temperature of a gas is produced due to

(a) its heating value

(b) kinetic energy of molecules

(c) repulsion of molecules

(d) attraction of molecules

(e) surface tension of molecules.

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Option – b)

7) Zeroth law thermodynamics form the basis of measurement of

a) pressure

b) temperature

c) heat exchange

d) work

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Option – b)

8)The condition of perfect vacuum, i.e., absolute zero pressure can be attained at

(a) a temperature of 273.16°C

(b) a temperature of 0°C

(c) a temperature of 273 °K

(d) a negative pressure and 0°C temperature

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Option – a)

9) Triple point temperature of water is

a) 273 K

b) 273.14 K

c) 273.15 K

d) 273.16 K

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Option – d)

10)If value of n is infinitely large in a polytropic process pV” = C, then the process is known as constant

(a) volume

(b) pressure

(c) temperature

(d) enthalpy

(e) entropy.

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Option – a)
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