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1.Which of the following bacteria has the lowest 50% infective dose (ID50)?

A) Campylobacter jejuni

B) Salmonella typhi

C) Vibrio cholerae

D) Shigella sonnei

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Option – D.

2) Each of the following organisms is an important cause of urinary tract infections except:

A) Klebsiella pneumoniae

B) Escherichia coli

C) Bacteriodes fragilis

D) Proteus mirabilis

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Option – C.

3) Which were the investigators lived at the same time?

A) Koch and Pasteur

B) Darwin and Woese

C) Van Leeuenhoek and Ricketts

D) Berg and Hooke

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Option – A.

4) The bacterium that infects other gram negative bacteria is

A) Proteus mirabilis

B) Haemophilus influenza

C) Bdellovibrio

D) Pseudomonas putida

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Option – C.

5) Which of the following is diagnosed by serologic means?

A) Actinomycosis

B) Q-fever

C) Pulmonary tuberculosis

D) Gonorrhea

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Option – B.

6) Fluroscent substance used in fluorescent microscopy are 

A) Quinine sulphate 

B) Auramine 

C) All of these 

D) None of these

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Option – C.

7) Which is the following enzyme acts as a spreading factor? 

A) Hyaluronidase 


C) Catalase 

D) DNase

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Option – A.

8) A mutation that produces termination codon is 

A) Mis-sense mutation 

B) Neutral mutation 

C) Non-sense mutation 

D) Reverse mutation

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Option – C.

9) Identify the obligate anaerobes

A) Salmonella 

B) Vibrio cholera 

C) Cl. tetani 

D) Sarcinae

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Option – C.

10) D.pneumoniae can be cultivated in 

A) Glucose broth 

B) Serum broth 

C) Agar and blood agar 

D) All of these 

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Option – D.

11) Which of the following acts as a test organism in the procedure of phenol-coefficient method?

A) Escherichia coli

B) Streptococcus faecalis

C) Staphylococcus aureus

D) Lactobacillus

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Option – C.

The questions we ask are very important for all government job exams that have a microbiology subject.

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