Bihar Police Constable Solved Model Question Paper Download PDF 2

Part 2: Bihar Police Constable Model Question Paper Fully Solved Download PDF

Bihar Police Constable Question Paper Download Model Sample Set Fully Solved Download PDF Part 2

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1) The Rihand valley project is in:

a) M.P

b) Orissa

c) U.P

d) Karnataka

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Option – c)

2) Most Indians belong to the group:

(a) Caucasoid

(b) Mongoloid

(c) Australoid

(d) Negroid

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Option – a)

3) Dioptere is the unit of—

a) power of a lens

b) focal length of a lens

c) light intensity

d) sound intensity

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Option -a)

4) The power of lens is-2D.What is its focal length?

a) 2 m

b) 1.5 m

c) 1.0 m

d) 0.5 m

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Option – d)

5) Which of the following animals was not known to the people of Indus Valley Civilisation?

(a) Horse

(b) Cow

(c) Goat

(d) Elephant

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Option -a)

6) Mrs Annie Besant became the first woman President of the INC in

(a) 1916

(b) 1917

(c) 1918

(d) 1920

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Option -b)

7) Branch of science which used in test of breast cancer ?





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Option – b)

8) The octane number of zero is assigned to

a) 2-methyl octane

b) n-heptane

c) iso-octane

d) 3-methyl octane

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Option – b)[/su_spoi

9) The ionic radii of N3-, O2-, F and Na+ follows the order

a) N3- > O2- > F > Na+

b) N3- > Na+ > O2- > F

c) Na+ > O2- > N3- > F

d) O2- > F > Na+ > N3-

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Option - a)[/su_spoil

Direction (Q. 10) : In questions out of the four alternatives, choose the one which best express the meaning of the given word.

10) Change

a) Alter

b) Renew

c) Review

d) Repeat

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Option - a)

Direction (Q. 11) : In questions a part of the sentence is underlined. Below the given alternatives to the bold part at (a), (b), and (c) which may improve the sentence. Choose the correct alternatives. In case no improvement is needed your answer is  (d).

11) If I hadn’t seen the car coming, I might have been killed.

a) If I had seen the car coming

b) When I hadn’t seen the car coming

d) No improvement

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Option – d)

12) If, no amount of experience could alter them/ (P), they could fixed at birth and/ (Q), completely dictated by heredity/ (R), personality characteristics were/ (S)

a) Q R S P

b) S P Q R

c) P R Q S

d) S Q R P

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Option – d)

Directions (Q. 13) : Pick out the most effective word from the given words to  fill in the blanks to make the sentence meaningfully complete.

13)These medicines are _____ for curing cold.

a) proper

b) real

c) effective

d) capable

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Option – c)

14) The height of a right circular cone is 84 cm and its base radius is 3.5. its volume is

a) 3234 cm3

b) 1078 cm3

c) 2156 cm3

d) 2496 cm3

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Option – b)

15) By selling an article for Rs 31 a shopkeeper loses 7%. If he sells the article for Rs 35, then what is gain or loss per cent?

a)  Loss 3%

b) Gain 5%

c) Loss 5%

d) Gain 3%

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Option – b)

16) If 13 + 23 + ….. + 103 = 3025, then 4 + 32 + 108 + …… + 4000 is equal to

a) 12000

b) 12100

c) 122000

d) 12400

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Option – b)

17) {(49)15 – 1} is exactly  divisible by

a) 8

b) 14


d) 51

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Option – a)

18) What is the largest number of 4  digits which divided by 6,9,12,15 or 18 leaves 1 as reminder in each case?

a) 9901

b) 9899

c) 1081

d) 9673

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Option – a)

19) सूरदास का काव्य किस भाषा में है ?

a) मैथिलि

b) अवधी

c) बुंदेली

d) ब्रजभाषा

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Option – d)

20) निम्न में से कौन-सा शब्द युग्म सही है?

(a) रंक-राई, रंग-वर्ण

(b) मेघ-बादल, मेघ-यज्ञ

(c) प्रसाद-भागे, प्रसाद-चहारदीवारी

(d) बल-शक्ति, बल-पत्थर

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Option – c)

21) रथ पर सवार होकर यात्रा करना -

a) सार्थ

b) सारथी

c) रथसंचार

d) रथचर्या

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Option – d)

22) अभिज्ञका विलोम शब्द है-





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Option – b)

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