BIS Scientist Model Question Paper Download – Scientist B Practice Set Solved

BIS Scientist B Model Solved Question Paper Download PDF

1) If 13 + 23 + ….. + 103 = 3025, then 4 + 32 + 108 + …… + 4000 is equal to

a) 12000

b) 12100

c) 122000

d) 12400

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Option – b)

2) The largest sphere is curved out from a cube of side 21 cm. The volume of remaining part is

a) 4770 cm3

b) 4410 cm3

c) 4370 cm3

d) None of these


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Option – b)

3) The HCF of two numbers is 8. Which one of the following can never be their LCM?

a) 24

b) 48

c) 56

d) 60

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Option – d)

4) The perimeter of 1 face of cube is 20 cm. it’s volume is

a) 115 cm3

b) 125 cm3

c) 120 cm3

d) 110 cm3

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Option – b)

5) 8796 x 223 + 8796 x 77 = ?

a) 2736900

b) 2638800

c) 2658560

d) 2716740

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Option – b)

6) If 40% of a number is equal to two-third of another number, what is the ratio of first number to the second number?

a) 2 : 5

b) 3 : 7

c) 5 : 3

d) 7 : 3

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Option – c)

7) The ratio of money with Ram and Rahul is 7 : 17 and that with Rahul and Ajay is 7 : 17. If Ram has Rs 490, Ajay has

a) Rs 2890

b) Rs 2330

c) Rs 1190

d) Rs 2680

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Option – a)

8) 25 : 625 :: 35 : ?

a) 1575

b) 1205

c) 875

d) 635

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Option – d)

9) If Madagascar can be written as 4727879670, then Madras can be written as

a) 472490

b) 424290

c) 427409

d) 472079

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Option – d)

10) You go North, turn right again, and then go to the left . In which direction are you now?

a) North

b) South

c) East

d) West

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Option – c)

11) BZA, DYC, FXE, ?,JVI

a) HUG

b) HWG

c) UHG

d) WHG

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Option – b)

12) A, B and C are sisters, D is the brother of E and E is the daughter of B. How is A related to D ?

a) Sister

b) Cousin

c) Niece

d) Aunt

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Option – d)

13) I am better acquainted (a)/ with the country (b)/ than you (c)/ No error

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Option – d)

14) a) Dairy

b) Dafodil

c) Dainty

d) Damage

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Option – b)

15) You will be punished if you will come to my class.

a) if you come

b) if you shall come

c) if you came

d) no improvement

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Option – a)

16) a) Meena seldom or ever refuses an invitation.

b) Meena seldom or always refuses an invitation.

c) Meena seldom or never refuses an invitation.

d) Meena seldom if never refuses an invitation.

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Option – c)

17) In order to maintain good health one should eat a……diet.

a) rich

b) spicy

c) balanced

d) salty

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Option – c)

18) He sold his property because he was under a lot of _______ .

a) Account

b) debt

c) loan

d) credit

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Option – b)

19) The made a profligate use of scarce resources.

a) proper

b) extravagant

c) effective

d) thrifty

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Option -d)

Directions: For each of the following sentences four alternatives are given. You are to choose the correct meaning of the idioms given in bold in the sentences.

20) It was he who put a spoke in my wheel.

a) tried to cause an accident

b) helped in the execution of the plan

c) thwarted the execution of the plan

d) destroyed the plan

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Option – c)

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