DSSSB PRT Model Question Paper Download PDF Sample Practice Set

DSSSB PRT Model Question Paper Set Download PDF Practice MCQ Set Fully Solved

DSSSB primary teacher PRT model question paper set download PDF fully solved objective question answers –

1) Nephrology is the study of –

a) Lung

b) Kidney

c) Heart

d) Brain

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Option – b)

2) Lead in water can cause _

a) Eye disease

b) Arthritis

c) Kidney damage

d) Hair falling

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Option – c)

3) Mid-Day Meal Scheme was started in the year:

a) 1995

b) 1996

c) 1997

d) 1998

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Option – a)

4) Shivasamudram Falls is found in the course of river _

a) Krishna

b) Godavari

c) Cauvery

d) Mahanadi

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Option – c)

5) The phenomenon of bursting of hydrogen balloon is based on

a) Charle’s law

b) Boyle’s law

c) Henry’s law

d) Bernoulli’s law

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Option -a)

6) The Lok Sabha is called in session for at least how many times in a year?

(a) Twice

(b) Once

(c) Thrice

(d) Four times

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Option – c)

7) ‘Sufi Sect’ originated and developed in

(a) Islam

(b) Christianity

(c) Hinduism

(d) Zoroastrianism

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Option -a)

8) A motorboat, whose speed in 15 km/hr in still water goes 30 km downstream and comes back in a total of 4 hours 30 minutes. The speed of the stream (in km/hr) is:




d) 10

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Option – B)

9) A man invests some money partly in 9% stock at 96 and partly in 12% stock at 120. To obtain equal dividends from both, he must invest the money in the ratio:

a) 3 : 4

b) 3 : 5

c) 4 : 5

d) 16 : 15

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Option – d)

10) The true discount on Rs. 1760 due after a certain time at 12% per annum is Rs. 160. The time after which it is due is:

a) 6 months

b) 8 months

c) 9 months

d) 10 months

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Option – d)

11) A clock is started at noon. By 10 minutes past 5, the hour hand has turned through:

a) 145º

b) 150º

c) 155º

d) 160º

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Option – c)

Directions: (Q.nos.12)Selects the related letter/word/number from the given alternatives.

12)Scissors : Cloth::?

a)Axe : Wood

b) Stone : Grinder

c) Knife : Stone

d) Sickle : Brick

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Option – a)

13) If A=26, SUN=27,then CAT is equal to

a) 24

b) 27

c) 57

d) 58

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Option – c)

14) In a certain code, if AUDITORIUM is written as MUIROTIDUA, how will MISFORTUNE be written in that code?





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Option – a)

Directions: (Q.Nos.15) Find wrong number.

15) 11,5,20,12,40,26,74,54

a) 5

b) 20

c) 40

d) 26

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Option – c)

Directions :  Four alternatives a, b, c and d are given under each sentence, you are required to select the most suitable alternative to fill in the blank/blanks in the sentence to make it meaningful.

16) ) I ……… you to keep quiet.

a) beg of

b) beg from

c) beg

d) beg for

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Option – a)

Directions: In the following sentence a word of phrase is written in bold .For each bold part four word/phrases are listed below each sentence. Choose the word nearest in meaning to bold part.

17) The flat has been refurbished recently.

a) White-washed

b) painted

c) renovated

d) repaired

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Option – c)

Description: The following sentences consist of a word or a phrase which is written in bold letters. Each of them is followed by four words of phrases. Select the word  or the phrase which is closest to the opposite in meaning of the bold word or phrase?

18) He is showing signs of senility.

a) virility

b) laziness

c) maturity

d) exhaustion

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Option – a)

Directions: Pick out most effective word from the given woprds to fill in the blanks to make the sentence meaningfully complete.

19)You must _________ your career with all seriousness.

a) direct

b) complete

c) follow

d) pursue

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Option – d)

Directions :  In the following questions, some parts have been jumbled up. You are required to rearrange these parts, which are labeled P, Q, R and S, to produce the correct sentence.

20) In life, some rules are/ (P), as business/ (Q), they seem almost instinctive/ ®, learnt so early that/ (S)

a) R S P Q

b) Q P S R

c) R P S Q

d) Q S P R

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Option – b)

21) अंडे का शहज़ादा

a) कमजोर व्यक्ति

b) चालक व्यक्ति

c) अनुभवी व्यक्ति

d) अनुभवहीन व्यक्ति

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Option – d)

22) निपात कितने प्रकार के होते हैं ?

(A) 5

(B) 2

(C) 4

(D) 9

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Option – d)

23) अध्यापकशब्द का स्त्रीलिंग रूप क्या है ?

(A) अध्यापिकी

(B) अध्यापकी

(C) अध्यापका

(D) अध्यापिका

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Option – d)

24) हेय

a) हास्य

b) हार

c) ग्राम्य

d) ग्राह्म

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Option – d)

25) ‘क्या आप जा रहे हैं ?’ ‘क्यामें कौनसा निपात है ?

(A) अवधारणबोधक

(B) तुलनाबोधक

(C) आदरबोधक

(D) प्रश्रबोधक

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Option – d)

On behalf of our team, best wishes to all the candidates.

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