Jharkhand Police SI Model Question Paper Sample Set PDF Download

Jharkhand Police Sub Inspector Model Question paper Download Sample set PDF practice set SI MCQ Questions Answers

Jharkhand Police Sub Inspector Model Question Paper Download Sample Practice Set MCQ Questions Answers Objective Type.

Directions: The following sentences consist of a word or a phrase which is written in bold letters. Each of them is followed by four words or phrases. Select the word or the phrase which is closest to the opposite in meaning of the bold word or phrase.

1) A lady of a few words she is given to laconic answers.

a) copious

b) lingering

c) terse

d) brief

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Option -a)

Directions: Pick out the most effective word from the given words to fill in the blanks to make the sentence meaningfully complete.

2) Man must _______ now to stop pollution.

a)  act

b) operate

c) behave
d) perform

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Option – a)

Directions: For each of the following sentences four alternatives are given. You are to choose the correct meaning of the idioms given in bold in the sentences.

3) I just paid him a left handed compliment.

a) an honest

b) a well deserved

c) an insincere

d) a flattering

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Option – c)

Directions: out of the four alternatives, choose the one which can be substituted for the given words/sentence.

4) Of one mind or opinion.

a) Voluntary

b) Referendum

c) Homogenous

d) Unanimous

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Option – a)

5) the main reason (a)/ for his fiscal success (b)/ is that (c)/ he is hardworking.(d)

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Option – a)

6) Children visiting the park (a)/ are amused by the monkeys (b )/ play in the cages. (c)/No error (d)

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Option – c)

7) I am tired I am working since 7 O’ clock in the morning.

a) I was working

b) I had been working
c) I have been working

d) no improvement

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Option – c)

Directions: in the following sentences a word or phrase is written in bold. For each bold part four words/phrases are listed below each sentence. Choose the word nearest in meaning to bold part.

8) She is not seen even smiling these days, she is rather pensive.

a) sad

b) thoughtful

c) gloomy

d)  black

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Option -b)

9) कोई ईर घाट तो कोई बीर घाट

a) बारबारकथनबदलना

b) तालमेलनहोना

c) तितरबितरहोना

d) बहुतचालकहोना

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Option – b)

10) ‘नेताशब्द का स्त्रीलिंग रूप क्या है ?

(A) नेतृ

(B) नेतिन

(C) नेत्री

(D) नेताजी

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Option – c)

11)सूर्योदयका सही सन्धिविच्छेद क्या है ?

(A) सूर्ये + उदय

(B) सूर्यो + दय

(C) सूर्य + उदय

(D) इनमें से कोई नहीं

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Option – c)

12) सही वर्तनी शब्द का चयन करे

a) उतसव

b) उत्सव

c) उस्तव

d) ऊतस्व

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Option -b)

13) प्रादुर्भाव

a) प्र

b) प्रा

c) प्रादुर

d) परा

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Option -c)

14) A man walked diagonally across a square lot. Approximately, what was the percent saved by not walking along the edges?





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Option – c)

15) A group of students decided to collect as many paise from each member of group as is the number of members. If the total collection amounts to Rs. 59.29, the number of the member is the group is:





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Option – c)

16) What is the banker’s discount, if the true discount on a bill of Rs.840 is Rs.105?





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Option – a)

17) The resistance of a pn junction in forward bias is

a) zero

b) low

c) high

d) infinite

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Option -b)

18) In nuclear reaction which one of the following is conserved ?

a) Atomic number

b) Mass number

c) Atomic number, Mass number and energy

d) None of the above

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Option – c)

19) When water is added to anhydrous white copper sulphate, the color will change to :

a) Yello

b) Green

c) Blue

d) Red

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Option – c)[/su_spoile

20) The inert gases are ____ in water

a) sparingly soluble

b) insoluble

c) soluble

d) None of these

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Option - a)

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