WB Motor Vehicle Inspector Model Question Paper Download PDF MVI

WBPSC MVI Model Question Paper Download Solved Practice Set Sample Paper of Motor Vehicle Inspector Recruitment Test

WB Motor Vehicle Inspector Model Question Paper Download | West Bengal MVI Technical Model Questions Answers Fully Solved. Download here PDF Solved WBPSC MVI Model Question Paper in PDF format Practice Set & free study materials, mock test sample question for mechanical automobile engineering diploma recruitment exam

1)Which one of the following is the highest mountain peak?
a) Nanga Parbat
b) Nanda Devi
c) Kanchanjunga
d) K2

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Option – d)

2) Which of the following states is not likely to benefit from the Sardar Sarovar Project ?
a) Andhra Pradesh
b) Gujarat
c) Rajasthan
d) Madhya Pradesh

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Option – a)

3) When was the Youth Parliament Competition introduced?
a) 1965-66
b) 1966-67
c) 1967-68
d) 1968-69

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Option – b)

4) Who among the following Gandhi followers was a teacher by profession ?
a) A.N. Sinha
b) Braj Kishore Prasad
c) J.B.Kripalani
d) Rajendra Prasad
ans: c
5) Which one of the following is most prone to earthquakes?
(a) Coastal plains
(b) Old shields
(c) Plateaus
(d) Young folded mountains

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Option – d)

6) In which of the following years was General Agreement on Tarriffs and Trade ( GATT) absorbed into the World Trade Organization (WTO) ?
a) 1991
b) 1995
c) 2000
d) 2005
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Option – b)

7) Anita ___ me of a girl I used to know.
a) remembers
b) recalls
c) recollects
d) reminds
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Option – d)

8) I do my work …….. carefully to make mistakes.
a) so
b) very
c) too
d) more
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Option – c)

9) I was deeply affected by his urbane behavior.
a) rural
b) indifferent
c) rude
d) unsympathetic
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Option – c)

10) Like most people, all of their behavior/ (P), entrepreneurs are complex/ (Q), can explain/ (R), and no one theory/ (S)
a) Q P R S
b) R S Q P
c) Q S R P
d) R P Q S
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Option – c)

11) You cannot have your cake and eat it too.
a) enjoy forever
b) have it both ways
c) run away from responsibility
d) absolve yourself of guilt
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Option -b)

12) The average of x, y and z is 45. x is as much more than the average as y is less than the average.
Find the value of z.
(a) 45
(b) 25
(c) 35
(d) 15
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Option – a)

13) Find the largest number which divides 62,132 and 237 to leave the same remainder in each case.
a) 21
b) 30
c) 35
d) 40
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Option – c)

14) The product of any number and the 1st whole number is equal to
(a) 0
b) 2
c) 1
d) -1
e) None of the above
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Option – a)

15) AE,FJ,?,PT
a) MN
b) UV
c) KO
d) YZ
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Option – c)

16) 16 : 56 :: 32 : ?
a) 96
b) 112
c) 118
d) 128
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Option – b)

17) 89, 78, 86, 80, 85, 82, 83

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Option – c)
Engineering Questions

18) Which one of the following is correct dimension of surface tension
a) N/m2
b) J/m
c) J/m2
d) W/m

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Option – c)

19) If a heat engine gives an output of 3 kW when the input is 10000J/sec then the thermal efficiency of the engine will be
a) 20%
b) 30%
c) 70%
d) 76.7%

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Option – b)

20) The number of elastic constant for a othotropic material are
a) 2
b) 3
c) 9
d) 21
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Option – c)

21) The correct nomenclature for ethylene is
a) R 150
b) R 740
c) R 1150
d) R 12
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Option – a)

22) If the intake air temperature of I.C. engine increases, its efficiency will
(a) increase
(b) decrease
(c) remain same
(d) unpredictable
(e) depend on other factors.
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Option – b)

23) Which of the following fitting is a boiler mounting ?
a) superheater
b) economizer
c) feed check valve
d) spring type
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Option – c)

24) In a ‘C’ chart the value of ‘C’ is 36. The upper control limit of the chart is equal to
a) 114
b) 126
c) 90
d) 54
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Option – d)

25) Power required by Fan in forced draught is …… to that of induced draught
a) less
b) more
c) same
d) none of these
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Option – a)

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