Percentage MCQ Quantitative Aptitude Questions Answers

Percentage Quantitative Aptitude – MCQ Questions Answers

1)Two numbers are respectively 20% and 50% more than the third number. What % is the first number of the second ?

a) 40%

b) 50%

c) 80%

d) 70%

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Option – c)

2) 50% of a% of b is 75% of b% of c. Which of the following is c?

(a) 1.5a

(b) 0.667

(c) 0.5a

(d) 1.25a

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Option – b)

3) If 10% of an electricity bill is deducted, Rs 45 is still to be paid. How much was the bill ?

a) Rs 50

b) Rs 40

c) Rs 35

d) Rs 54

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Option – a)

4) A reduction of 50 paisa per dozen in the price of eggs means that a dozen more eggs can be bought for Rs 78. Find the original price of eggs per dozen ?

a) Rs 5.00

b) Rs 4.00

c) Rs 6.00

d) Rs 6.50

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Option – d)

5) Last year, the Indian cricket team played 40 one-day cricket matches out of which they managed to win only 40%. This year, so far it has played some matches, which has made it mandatory for it to win 80% of the remaining matches to maintain its existing winning percentage. Find the number of matches played by India so far this year.

(a) 30

(b) 25

(c) 28

(d) Insufficient Information

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Option – d)

6) Water tax is increased by 20% but its consumption is decreased by 20%. Then, the increase or decrease in expenditure of the money is

a) No change

b) 5% decrease

c) 4% increase

d) 4% decrease

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Option – d)

7) Raman salary was decreased by 50% and subsequently increased by 50%. He has a loss of

a) 0%

b) 25%

c) 0.25%

d) 2.5%

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Option – b)

8) The price of rice falls by 20%. How much rice can be bought now with the money that was sufficient to buy 20 kg of rice previously?

(a) 5 kg

(b) 15 kg

(c) 25 kg

(d) 30 kg

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Option – c)

9) A debtor can be pay 87 paisa in the rupee, but if his creditors would take 20% of his debts, he could pay them and have Rs 42 left. His debts and assests respectively are

a) Rs 600,522

b) Rs 500,521

c) Rs 400,520

d) 1000,525

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Option – a)

10) Madan’s salary is 25% of Ram’s salary is 40% of Sudin’s salary. If the total salary of all the three for a month is Rs 12000.How much did Madan earn that month ?

a) Rs 800

b) Rs 8000

c) Rs 600

d) Rs 850

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Option – a)
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