Read the following information carefully and answer the question below. Seven Students – A, B, C, D, E, F and G like different Pens viz, Reynolds, Cello, Parker, Rotomac, Flair, Linc and Eilcos but not necessarily in the same order. They also study in three different standards viz. 9th, 10th and 12th. Not more than three and not less than two students study in the same class. A do not likes cello pen. Persons who like cello and Flair pens, study in the same class. G studies in 10th standard but he does not likes flair pen. B studies with only one student, who likes linc pens. B does not studies with G. E likes Rotomac but he do not study in class 9. D studies in class 9 but he does not like line pen. A does not study in class 12. F does not like linc pen. The one likes Parker pen, studies in class 10. The one, who likes Reynolds pen, studies in same class with one who likes Flair pen. D likes neither Flair pen nor cello pen.

1. Who likes Parker Pen ?

(1) F  (2) G  (3) H  (4) None

2. Three of the following four are similar in a certain way. Find the odd one ?

(1) BE  (2) AD  (3) EG  (4) DF

3. Which three student study in the same class ?

(1) ADE  (2) DFG  (3) ADF  (4) AEG

4. C likes which pen ?

(1) Reynolds  (2) Flair  (3) Cello  (4) Linc

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Option –

1. Answer (2) G

2. Answer (1) BE All other pairs are in same class.

3. Answer (3) ADF in class 9.

4. Answer (4) Linc pen.


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