Analogy Questions Answer – Verbal Reasoning MCQ

Analogy MCQ – Verbal Reasoning Questions Answers

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1) Flower : Bud :: Plant : ?

a) Seed

b) Taste

c) Flower

d) Twig

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Option – a)

2) Influenza : Virus :: Typhoid?

a) Bacillus

b) Parasite

c) Protozoa

d) Bacteria

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Option – d)

3) Car : Garage ::  Aeroplane : ?

a) Port

b) Depot

c) Hanger

d) Harbour

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Option – c)

4) Drama : Stage : Tennis : ?

a) Tournament

b) Net

c) Court

d) Racket

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Option – c)

5) Food : Stomach :: Fuel : ?

a) Plane

b) Truck

c) Engine

d) Automobile

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Option – c)

6) Candle : Wax :: Paper : ?

a) Wood

b) Tree

c) Bamboo

d) Pulp

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Option – d)

7) Dog : Bark :: Goat : ?

a) Bleat

b) Hawl

c) Grunt

d) Bray

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Option – a)

8) Man : Biography :: Nation : ?

a) Leader

b) People

c) Geography

d) History

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Option – a)

9) Birth : Death :: Increase : ?

a) Ease

b) Decrease

c) Tease

d) Cease

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Option – b)

10)Moon : Satellite :: Earth?

a) Sun

b) Planet

c) Solar system

d) Asteroid

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Option – b)

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