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We have seen that at least four Puzzle appear in a competitive exam. So we provided Puzzles Questions with Answers &  Puzzles Quiz here. Also many have asked me through the comment box to provide puzzle questions with solutions. Also, here are some of the questions that come up in the competitive exam- puzzle questions &  puzzles questions and answers Etc. We have given here. If you wish, you can download it in PDF format.

1)The Hardest Logic Puzzle Ever?

If a giraffe has two eyes, a monkey has two eyes, and an elephant has two eyes, how many eyes do we have?





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Option – A.

2) X likes which type of muffin?

A) Blueberry muffin

B) Fruit muffin

C) Chocolate muffin

D)Coffee cake muffin

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Option – B.

3) One rabbit saw 6 elephants while going towards River. Every elephant saw 2 monkeys are going towards river. Every monkey holds one tortoice in their hands.

How many animals are going towards the river?





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Option – B.

4)A clock is started at noon. By 10 minutes past 5, the hour hand has turned through:





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Option – C.

5) The bank in which W works established in which of the following year?

A) 1965

B) 1998

C) 2003

D) 2012

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Option – C.

6) How many times in a day, are the hands of a clock in straight line but opposite in direction?





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Option – C.

7) What is black when you buy it, red when you use it, and gray when you throw it away?

A) Shoe

B) Charcoal

C) Belt

D) All the above

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Option – B.

8) Who among the following likes those coffee which is famous in Singapore?

A) W

B) Z

C) Y

D) T

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Option – C.

9) A watch which gains uniformly is 2 minutes low at noon on Monday and is 4 min. 48 sec fast at 2 p.m. on the following Monday. When was it correct?

A) 2 p.m. on Tuesday

B) 3 p.m. on Thursday

C) 2 p.m. on Wednesday

D)1 p.m. on Friday

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Option – C.

10) Rahul`s mother is the only daughter of Monika`s father. How is Monika`s husband related to Rahul?

A) Father

B) Uncle

C) Brother

D) Grandfather

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Option – A.
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